Calling All Volunteers

Do you love Central Park? Want to learn more about your community? Central Park Arch project is looking for a few great volunteers. You’ll get to see the democratic process in action as we interface with decision makers, influencers, and concerned New Yorkers.

In the past several years, our city has embraced alternative forms of transformation including the bicycle. This important decision is good for the environment, the health of our citizens, and will ease congested roads. New types of transportation require upgrades to our existing infrastructure though. Central Park Arch Project aims to reintroduce historic archways to Central Park which were originally used to separate forms of traffic. These arches would eliminate the risk of bicycle and pedestrian collisions such as those that killed two pedestrians in Central Park in 2014. We are also prioritizing changes to existing walking paths that would increase usage of existing arches.

Our work has been heavily publicized and is generally regarded well by those we’ve spoken to in government, the private sector, and the public. Change takes persistence however. That’s where you come in. If you’re good at speaking with people, care about our cause, and interested in learning more about the democratic process, this is a great opportunity for you to make a lasting difference in New York City. The arches will not only add beauty to Central Park but they will save lives and prevent injury for generations to come.

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